Network 3.0

Citi Markets and Securities Services commissioned this film to promote their integrated service, Network 3.0. The film begins by painting a picture of a globally connected investor platform then charts the progress of Citi’s investor solutions from a network of loosely connected local agents to the a global virtual platform with globally integrated investor solutions. The film finishes by highlighting the uniqueness of Citi’s global reach and connectivity.

Network 3.0 with a suite of investor service solutions that leverage Citi’s global network in over 95 countries and on-the-ground local market expertise. The ability for investors to meet performance objectives relies on maximizing the efficiency of investment operations, accessing critical decision-making information, and implementing strategies effectively in markets that offer the most opportunity. Core to Network 3.0 is the Integrated Custody program that will enhance technical platforms and reengineer operational processes to deliver top-tier levels of service including: industry best deadlines, 24-hour instruction processing and improved risk management.