Another Intelligence Sings

Another Intelligence Sings is an immersive audio-tactile installation inviting you to experience the sounds of our biological world as recounted through an AI. Using field recordings from the British Library sound archive, private libraries and more, a nonhuman reading of this data emerges, offering an alternative composition of Earth’s songs, and an expanded view of what might be perceived as intelligent.
When the natural world is recorded, it is quantised for the human ear, to wavelengths within our perception and timeframes within our conception. Yet the machine learning algorithm sits outside the human sensorium, outside the human lifespan. An algorithm is agnostic to the source, the intention and the timescale of data. By feeding it audio samples of lava and larvae, geological tensions and fleeting courtship, the seismic and the somatic, the many voices of life are woven into a song no one lifespan or life form could sing.

Another Intelligence Sings reorients the algorithm’s focus away from the human expression of individual thought and towards an amalgam of geological and biological processes to create an experience which aims to enable humans to meditate on the myriad intelligences around and beyond us.

The project enacts the idea that archives can be used in an abstract inspirational way to create new ideas away from the taxonomisation and record keeping of empirical knowledge – in an intuitive sensuous response to that which was recorded.