Togetherband is a multi-year collaboration between the UN, UBS and Bottletop to promote the UN sustainability goals. Both physical product and awareness campaign the resulting user experience straddles influencer-led fashion and sustainability activism.

Unblocking the Border

A proof of concept systems design for the Vietnamese Government and the World Bank. Briefed to design a blockchain system to empower SME producers in the Vietnamese coffee industry, we used a public chain (ethereum) to build a system of smart contracts. The solution was capable of interacting with existing ERP systems to utilise yet  … Read more

Politiea Here

A systems design that uses the governance featureset of the Decred blockchain and it's Politia public proposal system to address the UK housing crisis. Borrowing heavily on Alastair Parvin and Andy Reeve's research in "Scaling the Citizen Sector" the system enables the general public to engage in the planning processes effecting their environment. The system uses a decentralised public ledger to record planning comments and augmented reality to allow users to view planning proposals, as 3D visualisations, in situ. It was a finalist in the Politeia Platform Challenge.

As So

A video artwork 'As So' created for the V&A's Digital Design Weekend 2018. The film and accompanying essay can be read at here.

Another Intelligence Sings

Another Intelligence Sings is an immersive audio-tactile installation inviting you to experience the sounds of our biological world as recounted through an AI. Using field recordings from the British Library sound archive, private libraries and more, a nonhuman reading of this data emerges, offering an alternative composition of Earth’s songs, and an expanded view of what might be perceived as intelligent.

Mnestic Pressure

Mnestic Pressure takes a distinct approach to the effects different phases of digital abstraction have on our individual memory. Melding analogue video synthesis, VHS distortion, datamoshing, motion vectors and photogrammetry – the techniques of image production and their intermediation of our memories become one in the same. Left to our affective responses and emotional feelings,  … Read more

Linear Alpha

“So we have now artificial absolute time for the first time ever in human history. And this therefore is scrambling these narratives it’s scrambling our sense of pre and post, what is the actual set of successions in the most concrete sense …” Nick Land on Blockchain Revolution With total crypto-currency market cap pushing  $200Bn,  … Read more

Affective Accounts

Affective Accounts is a speculative cryptocurrency from a counterfactual world in which there has been a shift towards a bottom up collectivisation of noetic knowledge prompted by a confident and empowered panglobal body (i.e. the UN). The film does not explain the nuts and bolts of the proposed system but remains a piece of media  … Read more

Network 3.0

Citi Markets and Securities Services commissioned this film to promote their integrated service, Network 3.0. The film begins by painting a picture of a globally connected investor platform then charts the progress of Citi’s investor solutions from a network of loosely connected local agents to the a global virtual platform with globally integrated investor solutions.  … Read more

Secular Cosmologies

Made in collaboration with Michaela French and Adrian Lahoud, Secular Cosmologies is a full dome film that uses NASA environmental data to visualise the explicit link between European CFC emissions and migration from the Sahel. The film has been shown at the Sursock Museum and the Oslo architecture triennial, and is scheduled to appear at  … Read more

Supplier Spend Solutions

Citi Trade and Treasury Solutions (TTS) commissioned this film to publicise the relaunch of their supplier spend program. After identifying the key complications in contemporary supply chains and the common goals of companies in these chains the film highlights how different payment techniques can unlock value from the supply chain. Citi TTS supports payments in  … Read more

Weaving Worlds

Winding through biological complexity, prehistoric beliefs and contemporary science we find a timeless and timely web of resonances. Across disciplines the Nonhuman Turn emerges, decentering the human and uncovering unexpected and unconsidered outcomes. Questions of interrelations between objects and organisms open a vast space of creative discourse. The melted permalinks become kindling for the emergence  … Read more


Since 2010 a server has archived the images from the homepages of Britain’s major newspapers, every five minutes. These archived images are reassembled into large compositions in a simple linear fashion, pixels in order of time. Strata is how the data centre sees historic events. Meaning is reduced to image, content is reduced pixels over  … Read more


Metabolis is a system of urban material metabolism. By using ad-hoc distributed networks of drones to detect, collect and transform local waste into materials and structures the material excesses of capitalist production become the deutoplasm of a nonhuman material ecology and the city-after-us. The system is inspired by nest building swarm insects which gather building  … Read more


Deep cyberspace is a void of opaque unknown. The infosphere-without-us emerges in its corners.