The unknowable voids of deep web hyper topologies Deep cyberspace is a void of opaque unknowns. Beyond the surface web lies the deep web. Exponential petabytes of bits, its databanks hum with vibrant activity. Through dark fibres and private pipes sinews strengthen and flex. It mediates, marshals and manages more and more. The infosphere-without-us emerges in these recesses.


MetabolisMetabolis is a system of urban material metabolism. By using ad-hoc distributed networks of drones to detect, collect and transform local waste into materials and structures the material excesses of capitalist production become the deutoplasm of a nonhuman material ecology and the city-after-us.

City North Projection - irrco

City North ProjectionIn ‘projection’ we find homonymic connections that scaffold a productive space for investigating urban planning logic. Telegraphic teleologies and future returns warp ernest utopian visions into destructors of the real. Realty is the property of the future.


Strata These images remind us of geological stratigraphic columns. Their granular iterations, tiny snapshots of moments in time expressed in pixels seem like layered deposits of sediment. These are the residue of events, the superabundant epiphenomenal qualia of digital traffic. They are white noise, intricate and incorrigibly plural. And yet in them we detect patterns, shifts and trends; the various moods of liminality and inertia, epochs and catastrophes.


TEDSS15 This show film for fashion designer Tessa Edwards’ SS15 collection juxtaposes stages of art image (re)production while questioning their effects on the subject.


Terror Danjah feat. Riko Dan – Dark Crawler A music video that presents the fractured face of the performed self inherent in contemporary western images of machismo.


Morgan Zarate feat. Stevie Neale – Broken Heart Collector A music video that wraps the quantum and the cosmic, the molecular and the trascendent in a retro-rave-come-winamp-visuals aesthetic.

Ikonika - Mr Cake

Ikonika – Mr Cake A music video that takes tongue-in-cheek seapunk poke at video games; their hokey narratives, wonky walk cycles and gender tropes.